You have your Trademark registration, now what?


You did it! You went through the whole long trademark process and finally received your fully trademarked registration! You can now use the coveted ®, but how do you monitor your trademark to make sure that no one else is using it?

Make sure you monitor your trademark!


Why is monitoring your trademark so important?

Monitoring your trademark is key to make sure that all of your hard work doesn't go to waste!

When you have multiple people using your registered trademark (or even something similar) it creates what's called brand dilution... essentially your brand isn't as strong because there are a bunch of companies or individuals using something similar.

This can be super confusing for consumers because they won't know which one belongs to you!

This is why monitoring your trademark is KEY!

But who's got the time to monitor their trademark?

Let us help you out!

With our low cost monthly monitoring service, you get the benefits of trademark monitoring and an attorney backing you up!

What's included in the monthly membership?

Attorney backed monitoring that not only alleviates the stress of having to monitor your trademark yourself but we also do all the heavy lifting for you!

Constant Monitoring

We let you know if we find someone infringing on your trademark and immediately take action! 

We monitor social media profiles, website URLs, general website pages and trademark applications for both State and Federal. 

Cease & Desist Letters

Once we find someone who is infringing on your trademark we send them a Cease & Desist Letter on your behalf and demand that they immediately cease using your protected intellectual property.

These are included free of charge.

Demand Letters 

We will also send demand letters on your behalf. A demand letter insists that the person using your registered trademark without your permission pay you damages for the lost profits you missed out on.

Social Media Takedowns 

We will submit all of your social media takedown applications for all social media platforms. This will remove anyone using a social media profile name which is substantially similar to yours.

Monthly Reports 

We will also send you a monthly report of takedowns, Cease & Desist Letters, infringing actions and demand letters sent on your behalf. 

Full trademark monitoring at a low cost: 



  • Full monitoring
  • Unlimited Cease & Desist Letters
  • Unlimited Demand Letters
  • Unlimited Social Media Takedowns
  • Monthly Reporting

Hi! I'm Natalie!


I was scared s*&tless when I first opened up my law firm. I didn’t know anything. I felt so overwhelmed and so alone in figuring it all out. Being an attorney I didn’t want to ask for help because, well, attorneys should know it all. I just dove right in… but man was it overwhelming!  

I know what it’s like to feel like a boss b*&ch but I also know what a journey it is to get there in your business. People constantly talk about how to be confident in your business, how to have the right mindset, but no one ever talks about all of the legal nuances that you need to have in place.  

Getting your contracts in order is one thing, but protecting your the intellectual property that you worked hard to create is something entirely different!

When we know we have our Trademarks and Copyrights in order we show up with a different energy and in a difference space... we show up with more confidence and leadership!  

So before you do the “scary things” in your business… let’s make sure you protect it first.

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