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Learn exactly what you need to run a legally legit coaching business online.

This free masterclass will show you exactly which legal protections you need to get into place in order to start your online coaching business.


What you'll learn in this training...

  • The different types of legal entities and how to pick which one is right for you 

  • What you need to have on your website to avoid fines and fees 

  • The legal documents you need to be using if you're selling products online 

  • Which legal contract you need if you're working 1:1 with clients 

  • Which documents will protect your content if you're selling courses or programs online 

  • How trademarks can help to protect your business

My promise to you


The training will be just an hour!

I promise not to take up too much of your time with confusing legal jargon! This webinar will be packed with easy to understand legal knowledge.


You'll leave with actionable steps!

By the end of this webinar, you'll know exactly which legal contracts you need to get your business legally protected and where to get them.


I won't leave you hanging!

I promise you'll get all of your legal questions answered, and if you didn't you'll have the option to set up a free business consultation with me to get those questions answered.


I'm an online business attorney and legal resource for online entrepreneurs.

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and confused when it comes to getting the legal in place in your business.

Close to a decade ago I started my own law firm. I had absolutely no idea what I legally needed to have in place to start my business... and I'm an attorney!

You see, they didn't teach practical business law in law school and I wasn't working for a business firm at the time. 

So what did I do?

I researched, went back to the law library, spoke with other attorneys and hustled like a boss to make sure I was fully legally protected!

It's my vision through my business to empower other female entrepreneurs with the knowledge of legal so they can go out and confidently share their gifts with the world!

I can't wait to share that legal knowledge with you so you can feel legally backed in your own business!