What is Copyright Protection?

Copyright protection allows you to legally protect any original work of art through a Copyright registration. 

Protection allows you to use, reproduce, sell, license and otherwise monetize your work of art. With copyright protection, you're really protecting all of the hard work (hours, labor, effort) that you put into creating these original works of art.

What exactly can you protect with a Copyright?

A Copyright protects any original work of art that you are using whether in your business or personally.

Some examples include:

  • Artwork
  • Graphic Design
  • Workbooks
  • eBooks
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Videos
  • Website Content
  • Any Digital Design Work

The complete copyright registration process takes approximately 6 months.

Why Do I Need a Copyright?

While our created work is still protected through common law Intellectual Property rights, there are several reasons why getting a Copyright is a good idea for you and your business.

You Cannot Sue Without One

Informing someone that they're using your work without your permission can only take you so far.

Without a formal Copyright registration you cannot sue, which is truly what is going to stop someone from using your materials. 

You Can Get Damages If Someone Uses Your Work

If you have a Copyright registration before someone infringes on your work, you’ll be eligible for damages through a lawsuit, meaning a payment for them using it without your permission and your attorney's fees.

You'll Get Taken More Seriously 

People will typically think twice about using someone's work if it has received full Copyright registration protection.

When you receive your official registration you'll lead with more confidence in creating your work and putting out there for the world to view.

Hi! I'm Natalie!


I was scared s*&tless when I first opened up my law firm. I didn’t know anything. I felt so overwhelmed and so alone in figuring it all out. Being an attorney I didn’t want to ask for help because, well, attorneys should know it all. I just dove right in… but man was it overwhelming!  

I know what it’s like to feel like a boss b*&ch but I also know what a journey it is to get there in your business. People constantly talk about how to be confident in your business, how to have the right mindset, but no one ever talks about all of the legal nuances that you need to have in place.  

Getting your contracts in order is one thing, but protecting your the intellectual property that you worked hard to create is something entirely different!

When we know we have our Trademarks and Copyrights in order we show up with a different energy and in a difference space... we show up with more confidence and leadership!  

So before you do the “scary things” in your business… let’s make sure you protect it first.

Choose from one of our affordable options: 



  • $250 per Copyright Application (plus filing fees)

  • 2Ā Social Media Takedowns

  • 2Ā Cease & Desist Letters
  • Monthly Report of Takedowns During Application Process
  • Multiple pieces of worksĀ can be filed under one application if they are related (belonging to sale course/program, photos in a series, for example)*

    *Price subject to additional $150 fee for larger files due to extensive preparation of the application. Our office will evaluate which works mayĀ qualify to file under same application.

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